Gajalee – Sea Food Specialty

In essence, Date night = Gajalee. 

This has always been my favorite date night spot, especially if you both are fish lovers! Let’s get into the details.

Ambiance: Set in a traditional colonial manglorean bungalow,overlooking the narrow bylanes and highway on either side, this is a beautiful place to be. A large central fountain greets you, with lawn seating towards the right and inside seating in the front. It feels as if you are walking straight into a ballroom at first sight. Luxe cutlery and fine linens are the perfect compliment to the delicacies served at Gajalee. The garden seating is romantic, with warm fairy lights glittering amidst nicely trimmed bushes and trees, overlooking the valley – right out of a movie scene. It is adorable!

Food: Even though I was a regular at the mumbai branch of Gajalee, this was my first time here. I am writing this review after visiting this place quite a few times now, so you can trust me when i say that the food never disappointed me. For a dish that I wouldn’t want you to miss – I’d like to vote on the fish kebabs. Succulent, rich and perfectly cooked. Their prawns biriyani was also flavorful, and the portions are also satisfactory. Their neer dosa and ghee roasts are also yum! Although the food was great, their mocktails were not up to the mark. We ordered getaway sunsrise and jamaican nightput, but they were just commercial syrups poured over sprite/ lime soda. 

Service : Prompt and friendly. However, the order takes plenty of time to come, so be prepared for the wait. 

Value for money: 3.5/5 

Aaikale Report Card : 4.5 out of 5 (Totally worth a visit!)

PS: If you are a person who prefers the outdoor seating, wear mosquito repelling creams / roll on and go. Mosquitoes can cause a nuisance. 

Rest, go check it out and let me know how it goes! Enjoy!

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