Reading Challenge 2019

Every new year’s night I make up my mind and make a resolution. A determined resolve to read a minimum of 24 books per year. And then by mid March I somehow end up breaking it. This year it is different. I have two friends helping me stay on track and complete my list. Do you want to know who they are?

Goodreads and Anybooks.

Yep. You might just feel like they are two applications, but they are extremely amazing ones at that! You probably are already on Goodreads – it is a well established platform for book-lovers like you and me. They have these read-a-thons, and book-clubs with really intriguing book challenges. I had joined Goodreads as a website when I was very young – I guess in 2006, that’s 13 years ago. I did nothing but search for book reviews back then. It is only of late that I noticed something called ‘Community’ on the menu bar and it piqued my interest. It is wonderful to meet new enthusiasts who share a blazing passion for books and it helped me a lot to read their reviews and book recommendations. It is amazing. But most importantly, Goodreads hosts a ‘BOOK READING CHALLENGE 2019’ on your homepage. And it tracks your reading progress too! It gives you a nice (And sometimes guilty) visual track record of whether you are on track, or lagging on schedule, and you can even share these stats with your friends/community. It is amazing!

And where do I start telling you about AnyBooks. This app was introduced to me just 2 weeks ago by my friend and I cannot thank him enough for doing so. Although I am little old-school when it comes to reading books (Preferring to read hard copies instead of Kindles) I used to hardly get time to go and pick out books or order books to read. I am juggling work, and family, and my little one who just recently turned one, is such a mighty handful. Adorable, but handful. Haha, I am sure every new mom can relate to my situation. The special thing to note about this application though, is that it is free of cost and also advertisement free. It has a humongous collection of books, and you can freely download them and keep them on your bookshelf. It automatically tracks the progress of each of your books and you even get to make notes or highlight parts of the book you love. I have already read 2 books within 15 days of time. Is it not fantastic? Of course it is!

I have set a modest 12 books target this year, and I am on book 6. Where are you at? Drop it in the comments section. Tata until then xoxo

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