About me ~

Hie lovelies!

Aaikale = Did you hear???

Yup, that’s right. A phrase in Konkani, it is an expression of endearment. When you want to share some exciting news, a new gossip, or some happy event – This is what you say – Heloo, aaikale ?! This blog is actually the result of my constant urge to share new food blogs, recipes I’ve tried so far and the umpteen DIYs that I ALWAYS try once my eye catches a glimpse of it on the flying internet. I know so many mummas like me are sitting at home there, right now, thinking how routine our lives have become. Get up in the morning, cook, feed the kids, prep for the day and then off to work. Come back home , cook dinners, wind up the house, tuck the kids in and then off to bed. Aaikale is going to help me break the monotony of routine, and give me something to do, a tiiiiiiiiny step towards doing something creative and finally working in the direction of doing something I truly love doing. And hopefully it will give you all a break to read thru my funny stories of #momlife #experimentsinthekitchen.

So yes, I am here to share my adventures with food across India (and hopefully the world in future) with you!! So get ready, because here I come. lots & lots of love,

Aaikale??? 😀

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